Lap Band Surgery

In this age of modernity and advancement, people need to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Health workouts, balanced diet, strict schedules to follow and everything that helps make an individual stay fit and active are the preferred factors for present generations. But at the same time, there are many people who suffer from obesity and their level of Body Mass Index (BMI) is so high that health disorders can turn out to be fatal. For such people, health experts have introduced the Lap band bypass surgery which despite of being a tough procedure, if followed with strict post-surgery precautions, showcases positive results in the majority of the cases.

Who can undergo Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band surgery is not meant for all. A patient has to certify certain decisive factors before they undergo this surgery. However we cannot call this surgery as a procedure because it involves strong commitments towards the strict lifestyle that has to be followed after the surgery. Obesity can be defined in many ways, but obese people eligible for this surgery need to pertain to any of the following categories:-

  • BMI more than 40.
  • BMI lying between 35- 40.
  • Patients who have failed to exercise and follow a diet regime for weight loss earlier.
  • Patients need to be aged between 18 and 60.

Need to follow after surgery

Post-surgery, there are some set of instructions to following order to ensure health and well-being-

  • A strict and ‘as advised by the doctor’ diet has to be followed.
  • A regular exercise regimen has to be followed.
  • Quitting alcohol and tobacco before and after the surgery is essential.
  • Females enduring this surgery should not conceive for at least 2 years after the surgery.

Benefits of Lap Band bypass surgery

Morbid obesity that causes health problems can be chucked out of life with the help of Lap Band surgery.  Nearly 80 percent hypertension patients once treated with Lap Band surgery, no longer require medication. This surgery relieves over 90 percent of people suffering from medical problems due to excessive body weight like type II non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Not only this, obese people suffering from joints pain, asthma, fatigue, arthritis, breathlessness and insomnia also get improved results from this surgery.


Risks of Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band surgery involves a strict postoperative regimen that involves lifelong changes in diet and activity of the individual. Therefore it is important for the candidate to be strong enough to bear the risks and requirements of surgery.

There are a few cautions and precautions to be taken care of-

  • The foremost and common complication is failure to lose weight.
  • Initial weight loss is slower.
  • For optimum results, regular follow-up is critical.
  • An implanted medical device is required for the surgery.
  • Band slippage can reduce the effectiveness.
  • In some cases, minor revision surgery may be required due to leakage in the access port.
  • Risk of band slipping out of place or erode into the stomach wall can also be a cause of delayed recovery.

Similar to any other medical procedure, even this surgery poses risk although it is less than one percent but still is an important consideration. But the benefits of this surgery predominates the risk factors involved in this surgery. Lap band surgery gives the obese a new direction to live their life confidently and without any mental, physical or emotional hassles.ресивер компрессора этотопкаргоcriteria to donate eggsпланшет самсунг купитьluxurytiaras отзывырисунок на двериАлександр Фильчаков прокурорсмс интерднестркомrussian drinkslaptop panasonicкупить телескопический спиннингкак выбрать брокера бинарных опционов

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